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Our Heritage


WOGE Handbags process has been refined over 35 years from family experience using traditional tanning methods and machinery to create quality leather goods.  

      Hanya Woge is a designer, daughter from a German engineer, she started with only two craftsmen a handful of bags and a passion for leather. It’s never been about doing things the fastest way, it’s about doing them the right way - a belief we’ve stood behind for over two generations as a family business. Today, more than thirty-five years later, we are proud of our legacy as a Heritage brand. We employ close to twenty skilled craftsmen & women in our Leon, Mexico leather workshop. Our passion for the craft drives our designs and our respect for the trade, with authentic leather goods for a daily life. We spent many time figuring out that it was possible to make the leather we wanted to wear every day at prices everyone would want pay for.


Woge, designs and crafts beautiful leather goods to facilitate your daily living. The needed simplicity matched with our superior craftmanship.